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The Public Works Department is housed in the Public Works Building, 590 E. Cox Street, and is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and planning for proposed improvements of the Village infrastructure.  In Forsyth, the infrastructure consists of public streets, sidewalks, bicycle/walking paths, water, drainage, storm sewers, parks, municipally owned buildings, and sanitary sewers.

Presently, the Public Works Department has 6 full-time employees, 4 part-time employees, and is supplemented by seasonal employees as needs arise.  Normal hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. However, Public Works employees are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.

If you have any questions about public works generally, please contact the Public Works Building at (217) 877-1653 or contact us here.

Public Works Department Staff

The Public Works Staff consists of the following key individuals:

  • Director – Larry Coloni
  • Building Inspector – Linn Summers

Larry Coloni

Public Works Director, Parks & Grounds Supervisor

Larry Coloni has been employed by the Village since 1991. Larry has over 30 years professional experience in Water Treatment and Public Works, and is actively involved in many professional organizations such as the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association, Illinois Chapter, American Public Works Association, and the Illinois Parks & Recreation Association. Formally trained in the U.S. Air Force with some college classes, Larry oversees the maintenance of all Village streets, the water supply and distribution system, sanitary sewer system, park maintenance, building maintenance and storm drainage. As Director, Larry prepares the budget for the street, water, sewer, and parks divisions. In addition, he supervises and gives direction to all employees in the Public Works department. Larry and his wife Cindy raised their two sons in the Village, having lived in Forsyth since 1991.

Linn Summers

Building Inspector, Certified Water Operator

Linn has been employed with the Village since 1985, having been appointed to the position of Building Inspector in 1999. Linn is certified in one and two-family dwelling inspections, and is also certified as a property maintenance and housing inspector. Linn has been a member of the American Water Works Association for over 25 years and currently hold a Class A Public Water Supply Operator’s Certificate. As Building Inspector, Linn inspects all new and existing buildings and structures, issues building permits, sign permits, and certificates of occupancy.

Forsyth Public Works Staff

Maintenance Dept:
Left to Right:
Connie Jones
John Rhoades
Bart Cochran
John Newell
David Dunn
Linn Summers



Ordinance 441: Burn Ordinance Ordinance 441: Burn Ordinance (91 KB)

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Ordinance National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Ordinance (213 KB)

Storm Water Drainage Improvements Master Plan Storm Water Drainage Improvements Master Plan (6604 KB)

IL EPA Notice of Intent for General Permit for Discharges IL EPA Notice of Intent for General Permit for Discharges (288 KB)

Water Quality Report Water Quality Report (553 KB)

After The Storm After The Storm (2578 KB)

Erosion Control for Home Builders Erosion Control for Home Builders (223 KB)


Land Disturbance Permit Application Land Disturbance Permit Application (643 KB)

Excavation Permit Application Excavation Permit Application (585 KB)

Street Light Repair Form Street Light Repair Form (616 KB)

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