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In the geographic center of Illinois, not far from the geographic center of the Midwest, there’s a wonderful village called Forsyth. Forsyth is not too big and not too small. It’s not too far from anything and it’s not too close. It’s not too hectic and it’s not too laid back. You might say Forsyth is just right. Because it is.

Forsyth — the village that’s just right.
When you add it all up — the sense of community, the terrific public parks, the convenient shopping, and the central location — we think you’ll see that Forsyth really is just right. Please stop by to visit us, or call 217-877-9445 for more information on how you can make Forsyth your next home.

Forsyth — a modern rarity
In Forsyth, you’ll find the thing that’s missing from so many places today: a sense of community. From our wide streets and sidewalks to our ample public spaces and gathering places, everything about Forsyth says “welcome.”

Sometimes, the best way to describe what a place is to describe what it isn’t. Forsyth isn’t a “bedroom suburb” for anonymous commuters into some nearby city; it isn’t a “planned community” that caters to one age group but discourages others; and it isn’t a place where individual tastes have been sacrificed to the efficiency of cookie-cutter architecture. Forsyth is unique, and uniquely appealing.

Of course, visitors are welcome, too. And don’t worry if there’s no room at your inn, because Forsyth has attracted five of the nation’s premier hoteliers, giving the village more than 378 quality hotel rooms.

Fairfield Inn
1417 Hickory Point Drive
(217) 875-3337

Hampton Inn
1429 Hickory Point Drive
(217) 877-5577
Homewood Suites
333 W. Marion Avenue
(217) 877-0887

Quality Inn
134 Barnett Avenue
(217) 875-1166

Residence Inn
230 Lucile Avenue
(217) 872-6600

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