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Dining Opportunities

In Forsyth, you can find just about anything you want or need…

Whether you’re shopping for a do-it-yourself project around the house, a camping trip, a formal dance, a special gift, a hard-to-find book, or just about anything else, you’re sure to find what you need just a few minutes of your door.

Forsyth’s outstanding location and labor force have attracted a wide variety of retail businesses, including many of the country’s most recognized names, as well as a number of specialty shops. Hickory Point Mall is anchored by several large department stores: Von Maur, Kohl’s, Bergner’s, and Hobby Lobby.  To learn more about the mall go to  To learn about leasing opportunities for the mall go to  Aside from the mall, the Village is home to a wide variety of other retail establishments, including Lowe’s, Staples, Best Buy, Menards, Good’s Furniture, and Petsmart, among many others.

And if you’re planning to step out for a meal, you won’t go hungry in Forsyth. In the time it takes you to say, "I don’t want to cook tonight," you can be at any one of our many convenience food outlets, casual restaurants, or fine dining establishments. The mall includes a food court, and you will find your choice of several restaurants immediately outside the mall, including Cheddar’s, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, and Texas Roadhouse. Other restaurants in the Village include O’Charley’s, Steak and Shake, Pizza Hut, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Looking for something to do after dinner? You might want to check out what’s playing at our modern 12-screen theatre, Hickory Point 12 Theaters, right outside Hickory Point Mall.

Forsyth also offers exceptional healthcare facilities. We have our own assisted living facility, Hickory Point Christian Village We are just four miles from a hospital with modern emergency room facilities, a specialized brain & stroke center, a state-of-the-art cancer care center, and an outstanding full-service cardiac care unit,  Several doctors maintain offices at the Forsyth Professional Centre, and Forsyth also is the home of the Forsyth Imaging Center, which features MRI, CT, mammography and routine diagnostic x-rays.

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