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Clock ticking on replacement of water meters

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Refusal puts service at risk

Since it was announced last June that the Village would be undergoing a major water meter replacement project, reminders have been sent to residents in just about every form imaginable.

Public Works Director Larry Coloni cited the following: in water bills mailed to homes, via the Village Vision newsletter, by phone, with hang tags on front doors, and even notes left at some doors. Plus, there have been messages on social media.

Despite repeated messaging, there are still some residents who haven’t responded and made arrangements to schedule installation of their new meter.

“About 300 have ignored us,” Coloni said during an update to trustees at the February 20 meeting. “There’s only one appointment scheduled for next week.”

Trustee Jim Peck wondered how many times residents have been contacted. Coloni guessed modestly at “close to five times.”

Trustee Dave Wendt said that even if residents leave for the winter they likely have someone watching their house.

“I don’t buy that they don’t know,” Wendt said.

Coloni said that he would allow about 10 more days for responses before considering shutting off service as a last resort. Village Attorney Jeff Jurgens asked if there was a reconnection fee, to which Coloni replied that it is $50.

The point of the new technology improvements is to make the process more efficient and save money for residents and the Village in the long run. To that end, Trustee Kerstin Trachtenberg asked if the new technology was working as it should, and Coloni replied that it is.

“We’ve helped residents with leaks,” Coloni said. “One resident had a leak of 340 gallons per hour, and we helped with that as a result of the new technology.”

There have been several reports in recent months of how quick and easy the process is. Still, people sometimes resist.

“One lady asked, ‘What happens if I don’t do it?’” Coloni said.

Coloni told her that she risked having her service disconnected.

As a reminder, Burdick Plumbing & Heating Co. is the contractor approved by the Village to do the work. If you have questions regarding getting your water meter replaced, please contact Coloni at 877-1653 or Burdick at 519-1702.

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