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Community Survey results give voice to residents

Thursday, December 27, 2018


One of the more important projects undertaken this year by the Village was to tap into the thoughts and opinions of residents. To accomplish this a community survey was sent out, with the simple goal of gaining a better understanding of what residents think about specific services available to them here in the Village.

A total of 1,536 surveys went out, with 303 paper surveys returned. Combined with online responses, the response rate was approximately 20 percent. The survey was divided into three sections: Quality of Life; Government Performance; and Demographic Information. What follows are highlights of the responses to the survey. It is important to note that not all respondents answered every question.

Beginning with the Quality of Life section, 96.6 percent of respondents rated Forsyth as an excellent or good to place to live, while 95.72 percent rated their particular area of Forsyth an excellent or good place to live. In 18 categories, respondents gave the Village a rating above 90 percent in half of them. Areas rated included: safety, image, cleanliness, and appearance, to name a few.

The two lowest ratings for the category were in the responses related to whether the Village is an excellent or good place to work (only 40.68 percent responded yes), and if the Village is an excellent or good place to find affordable quality housing (only 53.87 percent responded yes).

In the Government Performance section, 85.37 percent of respondents rated the Village as doing excellent or good overall. And, 85.25 percent of respondents rated the overall customer service provided by Forsyth employees as excellent or good.

The lowest of the 11 categories in this section came with 68.73 percent of respondents rating the Village as excellent or good at focusing on priorities that matter most to residents, an area Village Administrator David Strohl said he hoped the community survey would help improve in the future.

The Demographic Information section offered some interesting data:

  • 57.19 percent of respondents were female
  • 66.56 percent were age 56 or older
  • 56.88 percent live west of Route 51 and north of Weaver Road
  • 96.23 percent of respondents indicated they own their home
  • 26.17 percent have lived in the Village for 11-20 years; 22.12 percent have lived here 21-35 years; followed by 19.94 percent who have lived here for one to five years; 11.53 percent have lived here for six to 10 years; 11.21 percent for 36-50 years; and 2.8 percent for more than 50 years.
  • Strohl’s memo to trustees noted that finding affordable, quality housing is perceived as a challenge but is being addressed, in particular with the Prairie Winds development. He summed up the survey results, in part, by noting that: “Overall, the various services, functions and amenities provided by the Village were rated highly, but there were services, functions and amenities that were rated as having a relative high importance but rated as being of relative low quality that should be examined.”

    To see the full results of the community survey, plus the accompanying charts the study generated, visit the Village’s website at


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