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Family Fest leftovers help feed hungry

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Surplus food goes to Good Samaritan Inn

Public Works Director Larry Coloni and his staff do a tremendous amount of work every day that contributes to the quality of life here in the Village of Forsyth. In addition, the group performs many of the duties that make Family Fest possible each year, most of it done behind the scenes.

One of their more visible public services is preparing food for the annual cookout on Friday night to kick off Family Fest weekend. They do a great job, but when you’re cooking for that large of a crowd, there’s bound to be some leftovers so what do you do? Well, when all the grill smoke has cleared, Coloni and company load up the extras and take them to a place where they can do some good.

That surplus food gets delivered to the Good Samaritan Inn in Decatur where it helps to feed those who are less fortunate or maybe a little down on their luck. Coloni isn’t sure exactly how much food got delivered this year, but it’s safe to say it was “a lot of cookies, hamburgers, hotdogs and buns” that went to a very good cause.

The Good Samaritan Inn, 920 N. Union St. in Decatur, is a faith-based, social-cause organization that has been helping improve the lives of those in need in the greater Decatur area since 1982. For more information, visit, or call 429-1455. 

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