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Forsyth bows out of Tri-City Forum for now

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forsyth’s participation in a Tri-City Business Forum with Decatur and Mt. Zion has been put on hold.

The forum was intended to bring citizens, business owners and civic leaders together in efforts to help create business friendly environments, retain existing businesses and attract new small businesses.

Trustees recently asked Village Administrator Heather Kimmons to assess the program, which had its beginnings a year ago.

“My conclusion is that the benefit to the Village would be nominal,” Kimmons said, basing her assessment on the economic climate and the expenditures needed to update the Village’s handout information. Earlier, Mayor Hap Gilbert, as chair of the Village’s Economic Development Committee, told its members that the need existed to prepare a DVD to send to prospective developers and retailers and replace current brochures.

In speaking with other forum participants, Kimmons said she learned that Mt. Zion’s interest in the group has dwindled, and there will be no Tri-City Forum this year. Organizers hope to have something scheduled and ready next spring or fall. As to Forsyth’s participation in the future, trustee Eric Morr summed up the Board’s interest: “We’ll field that ground ball when it gets here.”

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