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Library has new PENpal Audio Recorder Pens

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Technology allows for “reading” in other languages

New at Forsyth Public Library is a collection of books that have text in several languages, including English. Among the other languages offered are: Urdu, Mandarin, Hindi and Arabic. The books include a feature that allows a special pen to “read aloud” the text either in English or one of the additional languages. These picture books can be enjoyed by multi-lingual families or by anyone who would like to experience a new way to enjoy a story. Library staff is happy to show you how to use the pens. Just ask!

The award-winning, digital PENpal Audio Recorder Pens allow for the reader to tap the text and listen to what they are reading.

This “talking-book” technology is sure to get wide use in a community as diverse as Forsyth where many of our residents speak multiple languages. 

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