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Mother Nature packs a cold punch

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Public Works department takes on winter

This has been a winter of wide swings, shifting from unseasonably warm to frigid cold temperatures in a matter of hours. We have literally had rain and flooding one day only to see the same flooded areas freeze like a skating rink within 24 hours.

For Public Works Director Larry Coloni and his staff, the capable and hard-working folks charged with keeping our roads clear and safe, this has been a pretty demanding season so far.

“It may be average winter weather, but this year is requiring a lot more activity, starting back in November,” Coloni said. “Especially since the last three years have been mild winters.”

Proof of the challenges Coloni and crew have faced can be seen in the long, 14-hour snow event that came on January 12 that required they work overtime to meet the demand. There’s another reliable clue that measures how tough the winter has been.

“We have used around 50 tons of salt,” Coloni said, adding that he uses about 100 tons in a typical year. 



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