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New deli ‘on track’ to open mid-December in Forsyth

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Board approves signage requests by McAlister’s

At the November 19 Board meeting, Ordinance No. 2018-37, an ordinance approving a variance to signage requirements for a new restaurant, was on the agenda. McAlister’s Deli, which is nearing completion at 850 S. Route 51, is scheduled to open in the next couple of weeks.

Todd Shaw, developer for McAlister’s Deli, was in attendance to represent the company.

The following requests were made:

  • An overall total drive-through sign square footage of 25.13 square feet, compared to the current ordinance that requires such signage be a maximum of 24 square feet.
  • A request for additional awning signage on the north entrance, which will exceed the maximum 7 percent allowed over the wall area.
  • A request for an additional free-standing sign on the east side of the building near the drive-through menu board. The additional free-standing sign will be illuminated.

A public hearing on the matter was held November 15 before the Planning and Zoning Commission. On that occasion, the commission voted to approve the variance request unanimously in a 7-0 vote. That vote put the issue before the Board for final approval.

Trustee David Wendt made the motion, which was seconded by Trustee Jim Peck; all votes were Yea as the variance was approved.

Shaw told trustees that the project is progressing on schedule with the restaurant opening expected to be in the second week of December.

“We’re on track,” Shaw said, adding his thanks to Village staff and the Board. “You guys have been excellent to work with.”

Trustee Kerry Denison called the addition of McAlister’s a “win-win” for all involved.

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