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The importance of planting trees

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Tree City USA title requires consistency

Digging in the dirt to plant new trees is noble work. That rewarding task, taken up on behalf of the Village and its residents, is performed by Public Works Director Larry Coloni and his hard-working staff.

At this time of year, the folks in Public Works plant new trees throughout the Village. Locations for where those new trees should go are mapped out by the Village’s Tree Board. This year Coloni reported that a total of 26 trees were planted in the ground just before the Thanksgiving holiday. The lineup included an assortment of four maple varieties and six magnolias, he said.

This annual ritual of the planting of trees is part of the reason the Village maintains its Tree City USA designation, Coloni said. And, besides that, it makes a nice place look even nicer.

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