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Trustees disagree over committee issue

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two incumbent trustees attending the March 1 Finance Committee found themselves on opposing sides of an issue involving standing committees.

In response to a question posed directly to him by a Finance Committee member, Trustee Bob Rasho offered his opinion based on his past committee experiences. He said he perceived committees as “advocacy groups” pushing an agenda.

“The Village administrator [Heather Kimmons] calls it ‘special interest’ [groups], he said. He charged that the mayor and trustees use the committee forums to push their own agendas. “They hide behind them [committees],” he said.

Trustee Larry Reed took exception to Rasho’s comments and noted that Rasho was in violation of a vow he made at a recent Board meeting not to attend any future committee meetings because of his opposition to the committee system. Reed further accused Rasho of pushing his own agenda at the evening’s meeting.

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