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Village Employee Benefits Studied

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons has alerted trustees that a commensurate raise in wages for most employees must be considered if employee health, vision and dental benefits are reduced.

Employee benefits came under scrutiny during a January Finance Committee meeting when members reviewed the Village’s operating and maintenance budget and expressed surprise that the Village pays 100 percent of the premiums for employees and their claimed dependents. At that time, committee member Carol Reed said Macon County employees pay 25 percent of their premiums.

Kimmons said she has learned that it is common for employees to pay for covering their dependents, or to pay for a percentage of their own and their dependents’ premium costs. She told trustees that she will make a recommendation once she has compiled and studied compensation figures from other municipalities in an effort to assess the overall package offered to Village employees.

Currently, Kimmons is conferring with the Village’s insurance representative. No change would be implemented before beginning the 2011-12 fiscal year because of the research needed to study the options.

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