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Village talks groceries with Kohl’s

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Community and Economic Development Coordinator Andrew Zupkoff’s March 19 report to the Board noted that he recently reached out to the corporate real estate staff at Kohl’s. The retailer is testing a potential new market by partnering with Aldi to sell groceries in several Kohl’s locations.

“The key priority we have as a company is to drive traffic,” said Kevin Mansell, CEO of Kohl’s, in a press release to media outlets.

Zupkoff sent Kohl’s information about the Village’s $8.2 million deficit in the grocery retail category, per the Village’s Gap analysis study. Zupkoff also informed Kohl’s about the Village’s new TIF district.

Aldi’s U.S. headquarters is based in Batavia in northern Illinois.

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